For over thirty-five years, Lalond Brokerage, Inc., has been involved in every aspect of commercial real estate in Silicon Valley. Founder Stephen Lalond has assisted thousands of customers with real estate development, investment, construction, leasing, and sales.

In addition to Mr. Lalond's real estate experience, he has had the distinct advantage of being President and CEO of a successful high-tech company. This combined business experience enables Mr. Lalond to assist his clients with strategic alliances, mergers, and acquisitions.

While our customers continue to be derived predominately from referrals and repeat business, we are passionate about providing new customers with excellence and prospective unmatched by other sales agents. Lalond Brokerage understands that the success of any endeavor depends upon the expertise, integrity, and creativity of the individuals involved.

For over twenty-five years, Lalond Brokerage, Inc. continues to prove that it's not the size of the agent's company, but rather the magnitude of an individual's experience, skill, and savvy that best ensures a successful outcome.